My Services

I use a range of diagnostic tools to understand the symptoms and their root causes I then work with the individual or team to embed the learning and sustain the change. Each session is tailored to your individual needs within an overall structure. Everyone is unique, and my overall approach reflects this.



Coaching is a form of development, where the Coach supports the coachee to create learning, self-development and improved performance in a way that benefits them.

  • Individual one-on-one coaching where a specific development need has been identified or as part of a larger leadership development programme.
  • Transition Coaching providing support that goes beyond typical on-boarding to assist senior leaders integrate into their new role and / or organisation through a 6 or 12 months coaching programme.
  • Coaching teams to help them understand successful team dynamics and be more collaborative, interactive and effective. Facilitating the development of team action plans following employee engagement survey results.
  • Women in leadership coaching to deal with Impostor Syndrome and help foster greater self-confidence and impact.
  • HR Coaching and mentoring as a former HR Director in a busy corporate role, I remember how it feels to have no thinking time in a safe place.


HR Consultancy

From managing formal grievances to improving your overall employee experience, I provide support and advice in relation to:

  • People Operations and HR Strategy Development in depth knowledge and expertise on HR operations and policy, employee relations, restructuring and redundancies, talent management, change management and organisational development.
  • Partner with HR to support, develop and implement coaching and leadership development initiatives.
  • Team meeting facilitation to enable more efficient and effective meetings resulting in better ideas and productive outcomes using the Thinking Environment Transforming Meetings™ methodology.



I work with organisations to assist their executives, leaders and high potential individuals to help address issues such as:

  • Authentic leadership an approach that emphasises building the leader's legitimacy through honest relationships and showing their real selves to their teams.
  • Unconscious bias happens when our brains make incredibly quick judgments and assessments of people and situations without us realising.
  • Imposter Syndrome a collection of feelings or attitudes whereby the individual does not feel good enough and doubt their accomplishments and have a persistent internalised fear of being exposed as a "fraud".

These have resulted in:

  • Increased motivation, productivity, creativity and effectiveness
  • Adoption of new leadership behaviours and development of emotional intelligence, agility and effective resilience and stress management
  • Improved relationships between people, teams and departments
  • Greater effectiveness in leading and delivering change and engagement
  • Heightened clarity around business goals and management strategies



I help individual's understand and work through challenges they are facing or key decisions they are contemplating such as:

  • Imposter Syndrome, a lack of self-confidence and/or emotional intelligence
  • Challenges in their life and or environment where they work and interact
  • Feeling unhappy within their career and work life
  • Dealing with change and transition

These have resulted in:

  • Increased confidence, resilience, creativity and empowerment
  • Removal or more effective management of their self limiting beliefs
  • Greater self-awareness and understanding of their impact on others
  • Achievement of their personal aspirations and goals
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